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Korea Sensor Lab.

    Reliability Assessment and Analysis

    Testing Standards

    Testing Method Description
    JESD22-A101C Steady State Temperature Humidity Bias Life Test
    JESD22-A104D Temperature Cycling
    JESD22-A106B Thermal Shock
    JESD22-A108D Temperature, Bias, and Operating Life
    JESD22-A119 Low Temperature Storage Life


    Thermal Shock Chmaber Temperature&Humidity Chamber Agilent 4070

    Low-Frequency Noise Assessment

    Testing Standards

    Testing Method Description
    JESD354 The Measurement of Transistor Equivalent Noise Voltage
    and Equivalent Noise Current at Frequencies of up to 20 KHz
    5989-9087EN Proposed System Solution for 1/f Noise Parameter Extraction

    Processing Service

    Blank Wafer Test

    • Test Wafer service to test new material, process, and process equipment
    • ALD Films : HfO2, HfSiO2, SiN, SiO2, Ta2O5, Al2O3, etc
    • CVD Films : TiN, W, SiN, SiON, SiCN, SiC, etc
    • Sputter Films : Ti, TiN, Co, Ni, Pd, Ta, W, Al, Pt, Pd, Hf, HfO2, etc

    Patterned Wafer Service

    • Provide patterned wafers (~ nm) to test material, process, and process equipment in nano-scale range
    • Provide Patterned Wafers with Specific structures what Customer wants through international networking.

    ALD(Atomic Layer Deposition)

    • Thickness control with a accuracy about 1 Å is necessary for gate dielectric along with the scale down of semiconductor devices
    • Various kinds of dielectric films are available.

    Sputter Deposition

    • Deposition of various kinds of films using Magnetron (RF/DC) sputter under ultra low pressure (1x10-7torr)
    • Co-sputtering of two or three materials concurrently
    • Sequential sputtering with 4 kinds of films without breaking the vacuum


    • Dry and wet oxidation of SiO2

    Furnace/RTP Annealing

    • Activation of ion implanted dopant and recovery of damaged lattice
    • Analysis of the temperature dependence of fabricated device or films at high temperature
    • Rapid Thermal Process (RTP)/Rapid Thermal Oxidation (RTO) process up to 1000℃
    • Formation of various silicide such as Nickel silicide
    • Furnace annealing under N2, O2 or H2 Forming gas ambient

    High Temperature/High Pressure Annealing

    • High pressure annealing to improve the film and/or device performance using high temperature and/or high pressure annealing
    • High pressure annealing under N2 or H2 Forming gas ambient


    • Formation of find patterns for dielectric or metal films

    Device Analysis Service

    Analysis of Electrical Characteristics

    • Temperature Range : RT ~ 200oC
    • Voltage Range : -2000 V ~ 2000 V
    • Current Range : 10 fA ~ 10 A

    Analysis of Capacitance/Inductance

    • Temperature Range : RT ~ 200oC
    • Voltage Range : -40 V ~ 40 V
    • Frequency Range : 40 Hz ~ 1 MHz

    Analysis of Memory Device

    • Temperature Range : RT ~ 200oC
    • Voltage Range: -200 V ~ 200 V
    • Write/Erase time : 10 ns ~ 1 s