high-tech business established with a goal of becoming the world’s premier solution for reliability and noise assessment/analysis.
Korea Sensor Lab.

  • Reliability Test/Analysis

    Test/Analysis of Semiconductor Devices’ Hot Carrier Properties Test/Analysis of Semiconductor Devices’ PBTI Properties Test/Analysis of Semiconductor Devices’ TDDB Properties
    Test/Analysis of Capacitor Reliability Test/Analysis of Resistor and Inductor Reliability Analysis of Change Caused by Stress on Semiconductor Devices

    Noise Property Test/Analysis

    RTS Noise in Semiconductor Devices Flicker Noise in Semiconductor Devices Flicker Noise in Bio Devices and Sensors
    Low Frequency Noise Caused by the External Environment Assessment of Low Frequency Noise in RF Chips Assessment of Circuit Board Noise

    High-Frequency Property Test/Analysis

    Test/Analysis of Semiconductor Devices’ High-Frequency Properties Test/Analysis of Capacitors’ High-Frequency Properties Test/Analysis of Inductors’ High-Frequency Properties
    Test/Analysis of Metal Wiring’s High-Frequency Properties

    Memory Device Test/Analysis

    DRAM Devices Flash Devices Development of Embedded Memory Devices

    Assessment of Self-heating Effects of SOI/High-Voltage/Power Devices

    Semiconductor Devices SOI (Silicon on Insulator) Devices SOS (Silicon on Sapphire) Devices
    High-Voltage Devices Power Devices

    Device Property Test/Analysis

    Analysis of Device Interface Properties Assessment of Capacitance Properties Assessment of Diode Action Properties
    Assessment of Voltage/Current Properties of Various Devices (10 fA~200 mA, -200 V ~ 200 V)

    Defect Analysis Service

    Analysis of Semiconductor Devices’ Reliability Defects Analysis of Capacitor/Resistor/Inductor Defects Analysis of Wiring Defects
    Analysis of Memory Devices’ Defects

    Consulting Service

    Technology Consultation Industry-Academy Cooperation Consultation Semiconductor Industry Consultation
    Reliability Enhancement Methods Consultation Semiconductor Device Development Consultation Bio Device/Sensor Development Consultation
    Semiconductor Device/Sensor Development Consultation

    Educational Service

    Reliability Mechanism Education
    (Hot Carrier, NBTI, TDDB)
    Low-Frequency Noise Education Comprehensive Semiconductor Device Education (Device Physics – Diode, BJT, MOSFET)

    Processing Service

    ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) Sputter Deposition Oxidation
    Furnace/RTP Annealing High-Temperature/High-Pressure Testing Photo-lithography

    Primary Clients