high-tech business established with a goal of becoming the world’s premier solution for reliability and noise assessment/analysis.
K-SensorKorea Sensor Lab.

    Welcome to Korea Sensor Lab!

    Technology that has reached a certain level requires social stability and highly precise technology.
    In line with trend, Korea Sensor Lab provides test and analysis for the low frequency noise and wafer level semiconductor device reliability
    which a solution that exceed the limits of the sensor and semiconductor technologies.

    Korea Sensor Lab is KOLAS Testing Laboratory like ILAC & APLAC.
    KOLAS authorization is valid in 73 countries around the world. So, our test reports are commonly used everywhere in the world.
    It brings the synergy effect of the cost reduction and revenue increases to the companies.

    Numerous social problems and victims generated due to failure to comply with the basics and correct procedures.
    Therefore Korea Sensor Lab pursues Zero percent non-conformity, Zero percent customer dissatisfaction.
    In fact we seek one hundred percent customer satisfaction.

    We will remember that every technology is ultimately for the “people.”
    We will create new paradigms so that our lives can be safer and more convenient.
    We also nurture the creative human talent through the intensive
    industry-academic-research integration cooperation.

    The new sensor technology created with passion for continuous technology
    development will ensure the safer world. We will always be with you.
    Thank you!

    Thank you for visiting the homepage of Korea Sensor Lab.

    Korea Sensor Lab was chosen as one of the top industry-academy cooperative businesses of Chungnam
    National University and received the ‘CNU Top 10 Businesses Award’ in 2013. Chungnam National University is
    currently increasing students’ participation in on-site field education in its pioneering efforts for expanding
    industry-academy cooperation and is making strides for reducing cost in the industry and strengthening technological competitiveness.

    We live in a time where communication and cooperation have become necessities for continuous innovation.
    It is my intent, as a member of the university, to actively participate to meet the needs of the times and to follow
    the precedent set by foreign universities by engaging in the full lifecycle from R&BD planning to industrialization
    and commercialization to globalization while working hand-in-hand with Korea Sensor Lab to create
    and expand on a globally recognized industry-academy cooperative model.

    I pledge to express my gratitude to all that generously assisted in growing Korea Sensor Lab into
    what it is today by contributing to our nation’s technological advancements in the field of
    non-memory semiconductors through passion and innovation.

    We wish for happiness in your families. Thank you.

      • Professor in the Dept. of Electronics Engineering, Chungnam National University (2001~present)
      • Principal Researcher, SKHynix Semiconductor (1993~2001)
      • Visiting Researcher SEMATECH (2006.8~2008.1)
      • Editor of JSTS (Journal of Semiconductor Technology and Science)
      • Committee Member of IEEE (International Conference of Microelectronic Test Structure)
      • Committee Member of IWJT (International Workshop for Junction Technology)
      • Committee Member of KCS (Korean Conference of Semiconductors) - Device Committee
      • Co-Chair of AWAD (Asia-Pacific Workshop on Fundamentals and Applications of Advanced Semiconductor Devices) (2012~2013)
      • Bronze Prize(1995), Silver Prize(1996), Samsung Human-Tech Thesis Prize
      • Best Professor, Chungnam National University (2002, 2005, 2013)
      • Scholarship Award, KIEEME (The Korean Institute of Electrical and Electronic Material Engineers) (2008)
      • Chunghun Best Paper, KIEEME (2009)
      • Recognition Award, SEMI (2012)
      • Best Paper, KIEEME (2012)