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Korea Sensor Lab.

  • Device Physics Education

    • Wide range of knowledge is necessary to understand the operation principle of semiconductor device due to the complexity of device operation.
    • Korea Sensor Lab provides various education services for key device physics areas as follows.

    Principle of pn junction

    • Formation of Energy Band
    • Reverse Bias : Junction Capacitance
    • pn Junction Current : Forward Bias
    • pn Junction Current : Reverse Leakage Current
    • Non-ideal Forward current component
    • Arrhenius plot : Temperature effect
    • Non-Ideal Effect : Schottky & Poole-Frenkel Barrier Lowering
    • Characterization Procedure of Leakage Current – Case Study

    BJT (Bipolar Junction Transistor)

    • Concept of Bipolar
    • Principle of Bipolar operation
    • Method to Measure BJT parameter
    • Implementation of Bipolar structures : Vertical and Lateral structures
    • Implementation method and test patterns for Bipolar Transistor based on MOSFET process


    • Concept of Metal Oxide Semiconductor structure
    • Principle of threshold voltage (VT) and its extraction method
    • Principle of MOS Capacitor
    • Derivation of Ids-Vds equation
    • Concept of Subthreshold and its extraction method
    • Concept of Body Effect and related parameters
    • Concept of Short Channel Effect and Narrow Channel Effect and Suppression method
    • Key DC parameters of MOSFET
    • Concept of Latch-up and its extraction method
    • Concept of Snapback and its extraction method


    • Hot Carrier
    • BTI (Negative/Positive Bias Temperature Instability)
    • GOI (Gate Oxide Integrity)

    Analog devices

    • Analog parameters of MOSFET
    • Low frequency characteristics of semiconductor devices
    • Matching concept of analog devices

    Mechanical stress effect on device perforamnce

    • Concept of Mobility
    • Concept of Strained silicon
    • Concept of Stress
    • Strained silicon structure
    • Mobility Improvement methods