high-tech business established with a goal of becoming the world’s premier solution for reliability and noise assessment/analysis.
Korea Sensor Lab.

  • Counseling on Science and Technology Policies

    • National Policy for Science and Technology
    • Industry-Academic Cooperation Policy
    • Industry Policy for Semiconductor Area
    • Government-Industry-University Network

    Consulting for Development of Semiconductor Devices

    • There are many kinds of semiconductor devices such as Low Voltage device, Low Power device,
      High Performance device, High Voltage device, High Power device and RF device.
    • Each device should be developed separately due to the different requirements for each device.
    • Analog semiconductor devices and automotive semiconductor devices should be developed according to their special needs.

    Consulting for Development of Passive Devices

    • Passive device such as diode, capacitor, inductor and resistor can be integrated in the semiconductor chips or used as discrete device.
    • Consulting for development of diode, capacitor, inductor and resistor for various applications.

    Consulting for Development of Bio/MEMS device/sensor

    • Bio device and bio sensor, MEMS device and MEMS sensor, and image sensor are applied in diverse areas.
    • State-of-the-art semiconductor process technology and device technology are not fully applied for bio-device/sensor and
      MEMS device/sensor areas.
    • Korea Sensor Lab possess the experience of MEMS Device/Sensor development and state-of-the-art semiconductor
      process and device technologies.
    • Contribution to the performance improvement and/or Yield improvement.