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    Failure Analysis of Reliability of Semiconductor Devices

    • Semiconductor device should be developed prior to the development of semiconductor circuits and chips.
    • If the issues arisen during development of semiconductor devices were not resolved promptly, there will be great loss due to the delayed release of product
    • Although the development has been successfully completed, there could happen other issues during mass production and the issues should be solved quickly as well.
    • SMAT Solutions possessed a lot of knowhow based on the many years’ experience of device development.
    • Failure analysis of device reliability : Hot Carrier, NBTI, PBTI, TDDB, etc
    • Failure analysis of Gate dielectrics : GOI (Gate Oxide Integrity) analysis
    • Failure analysis of interface : Charge Pumping Current analysis
    • Failure analysis of Silicide : Characterization of silicide through Schottky barrier height and etc
    • Failure analysis of Junction Leakage: Analysis of leakage current conduction mechanism of Source/Drain Junction, GIDL current, etc

    Failure analysis of Capacitor/Resistor/Inductor

    • It is possible to do failure analysis of various passive devices such as capacitor, resistor, and inductor.
    • Analysis of dielectric characteristics is necessary when there happens capacitor failure.
    • Lifetime of dielectric can be projected using TDDB test.
    • Lifetime of resistor and inductor can be tested using current forcing and/or high temperature operation.

    Failure analysis of interface

    • Semiconductor devices have lot of defects at the interface between bulk and gate dielectric.
    • Dangling bonds become inactive by hydrogen passivation using high temperature annealing.
    • Dangling bond can be formed during device operation due to the breakage of Si-H bond.
    • Interface failure can be analyzed using various noble methods such as Multifrequency and Multitemperature charge pumping technique, etc.

    Failure analysis of Memory device

    • Memory cell has periodic program and erase which can degrade the performance of cell.
    • Various methods including Stress effect, change of 1/f noise property, etc can be applied for failure analysis of memory device.