high-tech business established with a goal of becoming the world’s premier solution for reliability and noise assessment/analysis.
Korea Sensor Lab.

  • Quality Manager: Changsoo Eun

    • Academic Career - Bachelor and Master Degree, Electronics Engineering,
        Seoul National University
      - Ph.D., ECE, University of Texas at Austin
      Career - Vice Dean, Chungnam National University
      - Vice Director, Institute of Univ.-Ind. Co-op, CNO
      - Professor, Dept. of Radio and Information
        Communications Eng., Chungnam National University
      - Senior Researcher, Central Research Institute,
        Daewoo Electronics Co.

    International Recognition of Testing Capabilities and Certification of Quality Management System

    International Recognition of Testing Capabilities

    Korea Sensor Lab has been trying to enhance the reliability of its testing services, while getting ready to obtain an international recognition of its technical capabilities of testing on the other. Once such an international recognition of the testing capabilities is secured, Korea Sensor Lab’ services and its reports will be accepted over the global markets in accordance with the principle of 1:1:1 (1 Test, 1 Standards, 1 Conformity Assessment) as specified in the TBT Agreement.

    Quality Policy Statement

    Korea Sensor Lab has established its quality management system to be comply with the provisions and requirements of the “Framework Act on National Standards“, KS Q ISO 9001, and KS Q ISO/IEC 17025. It places priority on promoting its testing capabilities in ways that can be recognized over the global markets and provide customer-oriented services of public confidence under its quality objectives as follows:

    • To ensure the reliability and transparency
      of testing results so as to provide its customers
      with the excellent quality of services
      in a faster and more confident manner

    • To keep improving its quality management
      system and technical competence continuously in
      ways that Korea Sensor Lab could be a competitive
      small business in the global market and

    • To enhance customer satisfaction by
      getting rid of potential sources
      of non-conformity in
      offering services for customers

    Certification of Quality Management System (QMS)

    Customer satisfaction starts with reliability in test results, and QMS as certified to international standards serves as the objective tool of quality assurance. With a view to becoming a competitive small business in the global market, Korea Sensor Lab makes every effort to meet beyond what its customers expect through advanced business performance based on securing certification of its QMS and accreditation as internationally recognized testing laboratory. QMS certification to ISO 9001 provides a demonstration of a third-party certification that the organization delivers its service to the customer’s satisfaction with its QMS meeting the requirements of ISO 9001. QMS certification may lead to elevated customer’s confidence on its services, clear identification of tasks and responsibilities of each section, and efficient documentation management

    In September 2013, Korea Sensor Lab has its QMS certified to the ISO 9001 by Korea Quality Foundation (KFQ) on its activities of “Test, Analysis, Assessment and R&D of Semiconductor Device (Wafers) and Chip.” KFQ is a member of IQNet (International Certification Body Network) whose members are mostly national representatives in the sector of QMS certification.